Advantage of Painting In Series

I have discovered the advantage of painting in series:

  • It allows me to fully explore a subject.
  • It is productive because you already know something about the subject and how you might want to differ it.
  • A chance to experiment with color scheme or even style of painting.
  • Builds a cohesive set of works for exhibitions.

I once heard an art instructor say to find something you like to paint and then do it repeatedly. In New York City there is a small art gallery that is full of paintings of just sunflowers. If you like sunflowers I am sure you would find you like.

A series is more likely to be the same theme instead of the same scene. So recently, I have been painting winter landscapes. Although I am not a huge fan of winter, I do love painting it.

In the series, I am experimenting with the winter sky and shadow colors. Also, the paintings are at various times of the day. There is no wrong way to paint a sky because skies change continuously. In fact, it can be hard to paint what you see before it disappears or changes.

You may not think winter is an interesting subject to paint; however, I find winter skies can be colorful. Snow can shimmer in many colors depending on the sunlight, the landscape around it, or the time of day. There is nothing prettier than trees heavy laden with snow against a vibrant sky reflecting its color on the ground.

I think that I might just do more winter landscapes; but, maybe not enough to fill a gallery.