Art During COVID-19

Winding Road

An Unfortunate Time to Move

We are living in unprecedented times where we are naturally concerned about vulnerable people; therefore, we must all do our part. Some of us have more complicated scenarios to work through than others.

My husband and I chose to move back to Alberta just before the lockdown came about. I can not tell you how difficult it is to get things done when so much of our economy is shut down. We decided it was cheaper to buy new furniture in Alberta than to transport old furniture.

We had no idea that giving away furniture would be such a trial. Many charities are not taking donations and the same issue of not entering people’s condos also apply. There is no pickup of large items at the curbside so what is a person to do?

If everyone comes through as promised then we have takers for most of our furniture. Wish us luck! We will be out of options otherwise.

What Does This Have to do With Art?
Well, much of what I’m packing are tubs full of art. With social distancing, I can not even give art away. Storage space in our new home is limited. I will have to find new places in Calgary to show my art as I will be losing some good venues in Hamilton where I know I can sell art every year.

Although art is the life-blood of humanity, (All disciplines of art) I wonder how many people will support the arts especially when everyone will be watching their spending carefully. Visual artists will not be able to have huge exhibitions and performing artists will not be allowed large audiences attending their concerts.

Is Art Important to Society
I would say yes, art is important to society and here are my reasons:

  • We were made to create and even those that do not consider themselves talented in the arts, still have an appreciation of it especially the performing art.
  • Art is a language of communication that is universal and can help to convey important ideas or attitudes of society. Children use drawing at an early stage to express their feelings.
  • We can learn about, appreciate and engage in a culture through their art.
  • It enhances peoples life experience, brings wealth to communities via art museums. Society needs beauty. We can all appreciate great architecture, sculptures, great literature, music that moves us and performing arts that entertains and sometimes challenge us.

For these and many other reasons, I hope we get back to creating as soon as possible and that the arts do not get devalued as less important to the flourishing of humanity