More Monoprinting

Acrylic Painting
Monoprinting is addictive! You never know exactly what you will get but you can control the process somewhat by having a vision of the result or striving for a particular effect. When I watch videos of people who have been doing this for some time, I noticed that they turn the art around as they work for more inspiration on how to proceed.

The following are some monoprints that I recently completed. From left to right and top to bottom:

The first one ended up having what looks like a figure walking among some ruins or a jungle – whatever you imagine you see. Number 2 contains several child faces. Can you see them? The last one in the top row is an intentional landscape of a moonlit still pool in the forest.

The first one in the second row is along the same theme of water and trees but by daylight. The middle image uses a few colors to make an interesting abstract. finally, the last one was a ruined piece that I painted a face of Christ and then abstracted the background.

These are just some monoprinting ideas that are quick and simple to experiment with a variety of results.