Products Featuring Art

Here are just a few of the products available featuring my art at and my own personal space at

Other art items include :

  • Art print (frame and matting for all art)
  • Acrylic print
  • Wood print
  • Canvas print
  • Metal print

Other items with art print include:

  • greeting cards
  • phone cases
  • pillows
  • duvet covers
  • tote bags
  • yoga mats
  • Notebooks
  • Puzzles
  • Beach towels
  • T-shirts

Friends ordered T-shirts and sent me a picture. The prints turned out well and looked great. I ordered prints for a couple of people who said the prints were perfect so I know does a great job. One time I ordered mugs for Christmas presents from a local business card printer but the print of my art was dark and not at all like the image I uploaded but does a great job. In fact, they will not attempt to print unless the image is clear making it a good print. Therefore, I feel confident that you will be pleased if you order from